IPT's Pipe Trades Training Manual

IPT's Pipe Trades Training Manual

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 IPT's Pipe Trades Training Manual is a user friendly, spiral bound classroom size of 8 1/2" x 5 3/4", with 500 pages, 12 sections, 281 illustrations and 117 tables. The Manual version has identical contents to the Handbook, but varies in that it has comprehensive questions at the end of each section and comes with a separate answer book. This format is excellent for classroom training or self study. This book sets the standard for piping handbooks. It contains all the necessary previously combined in other reference books, plus much more. It includes information on: pipe and tube data; valves; fittings, flanges and gaskets; offsets and calculations; pipe layout (simplified and detailed); piping prints; oxy-acetylene set-up and pipe welding; pipe rigging. The book is excellent for on-the-job reference, and also contains more than enough data for a complete training program.

IPT's Pipe Trades Training Manual has identical contents to the Handbook, but varies in that it has comprehensive questions at the end of each section and comes with a separate answer book.

This format is excellent for classroom training or self study.

This book sets the standard for piping handbooks. It contains all the necessary previously combined in other reference books, plus much more.

It includes information on: pipe and tube data; valves; fittings, flanges and gaskets; offsets and calculations; pipe layout (simplified and detailed); piping prints; oxy-acetylene set-up and pipe welding; pipe rigging.

Pipe Manufacturing p 2-6 Stainless Steel Pipe p 53-58
Welded Pipe p 2-3 Stainless Pipe Sizes (Imperial) p 54-56
Seamless Pipe p 4-6 Stainless Pipe Sizes (Metric) p 57,58
National & International Standards p 7-11 Copper & Brass Pipe p 59-61
API Standard p 7 Copper & Red Brass Pipe Sizes p 60,61
ASTM Standard p 7,8 Cast Iron Pipe p 61-64
AWWA Standard p 8 Cast Iron Pressure Pipe p 63
AS Standard p 8 Cast Iron Soil Pipe p 64-68
BS Standard p 8,9 Silicon Iron Pipe p 64
CSA Standard p 9 Plastic Pipe p 66-81
DIN Standard 9,10 Thermoplastic Pipe p 69
GOST Standard p 10 Thermoset Pipe p 69
ISO Standard p 10 Laminated & Composition Pipe p 70
JIS/LR Standard p 10,11 Plastic Pipe Standards & Ratings p 70-73
LR Standard p 11 Pressure Ratings (psi) p 71
Pipe Properties & Characteristics p 11,12 Pressure Ratings (kPa) p 72
Schedule Numbers p 13-15 Thermoplastic Temperature Factors p 73
General Piping Design p 14-17 Temperature Correction Factors p 74
Threading Allowance p 16 Plastic Selection & Usage p 75-77
Actual & Nominal Pipe Sizes p 16,18 ABS Pipe p 75
Steel Pipe Sizes p 18-45 PVC Pipe p 75
Steel Pipe (Imperial) p 18-32 CPVC Pipe p 76
Steel Pipe (Metric) p 33-45 PE Pipe p 76
Pipe Lengths p 46 PP Pipe p 77
Pipe End Finish p 46,47 PB Pipe p 77
Pipe Identification p 48-50 PVDF Pipe p 77
ASTM Marking p 48 RTRP Pipe p 78
API Marking p 49 Solvent Cementing p 78-81
CSA Marking p 50 Threading Plastic Pipe p 81
Finishing Processes p 51 Grooved Plastic Joints p 82
Galvanizing p 51 Flanged Plastic Joints p 82,83
Corrosion Protective Coatings p 51,52 O-Ring Plastic Joints p 84
Wrought Iron Pipe p 53 Joining RTR Pipe p 84
Tube vs Pipe p 86 Still Tube p 105
Structural Tube p 86,87 Steel GP Tube p 105,106
Mechanical Tube p 87 Special Application Tube p 106,107
Pressure Tube p 87-89 Bundled Metallic p 106,107
BWG Gage p 87,88 Special Alloy Tube p 107
Aluminum Tube p 89,90 Plastic Tube p 107,108
Copper Tube p 91-100 Tube Bending p 109-115
Copper Tube Types K-L-M p 91-95 Compression Tube Bender p 109,110
Copper Color Coding p 92 Bending Near Fittings p 110,111
DWV/ACR Tube p 96-98 Recommended Wall Thickness p 111
Copper GP Tube p 99,100 Bending Steps p 112,113
Steel Tube p 100-104 Degree Bending p 112,113
Tube Specifications (Imperial) p 101,102 Bending Length Increase p 114
Tube Specifications (Metric) p 103,104    
Basic Valve Types p 118 Reduced Port Ball Valve p 133
Gate Valves p 118-121 Butterfly Valves p 134,135
Solid Wedge Gate Valve p 119 Wafer Type Butterfly Valve p 134
Flexible Wedge Gate Valve p 119,120 Double Flanged Butterfly Valve p 135
Split Wedge Gate Valve p 120,121 Plug Valves p 136,137
Double Disc Gate Valve p 120,121 Lubricated Plug Valve p 136
Globe Valves p 121-125 Multi-port Plug Valve Arrangements p 136,137
Angle Body Globe Valve p 122,123 Relief & Safety Valves p 137,138
Y-Pattern Globe Valve p 122,123 Valve End Connection Variations p 139
Conventional Disc (Globe Valve) p 123,124 Valve Bonnet Assemblies p 139-143
Plug Disc (Globe Valve) p 123,124 Valve Socket Dimensions p 140
Composition Disc (Globe Valve) p 124,125 Threaded Bonnet p 141
Needle Valve (Globe Valve) p 124,125 Union Bonnet p 141
Check Valves p 125-127 Bolted Bonnet p 141
Swing Check Valve p 125,126 Pressure Seal Bonnet p 141
Lift Check Valve p 127 Welded/Clip Type Bonnet p 142
By-Pass Valves p 127-129 Special Bonnet Designs p 142,143
By-Pass Connections & Locations p 127,129 Valve Stem Design p 143,144
Diaphragm Valves p 128-132 Inside Screw Rising Stem p 144
Weir Type Diaphragm Valve p 130 Inside Screw Non-Rising Stem p 144
Straightway Diaphragm Valve p 130,131 Outside Screw Rising Stem p 144
Pinch Valves p 131 Quick Opening Sliding Stem p 144
Air Operated Pinch Valve p 13 Valve Identification & Marking p 145-147
Diaphragm Valve Materials p 132 Valve Installation p 148-151
Ball Valves p 133 Valve Dimension Tables p 152-164
Pipe Fitting Types p 166-173 Cast Iron Threaded Fitting p 188,189
Fittings (Elbows) p 166-168 Welded Fittings p 190-206
Fittings (Unions) p 169 Socket Weld Fittings p 190-193
Fittings (Couplings) p 170 Butt Weld Fittings p 194-203
Fittings (Tees/Wyes/Crosses) p 171-173 Weld Outlets p 204-206
Copper Solder Fittings p 173-176 Grooved Fitting Joints p 207,208
Threaded Fittings p 177-189 Tube Fittings p 209
Threaded Fitting Engagements p 178,179 Swagelok Designations p 210,211
Malleable Iron Threaded Fittings p 180,183 Swagelok Fittings p 212-215
Forged Steel Threaded Fittings p 184-187 ISA Fittings p 215,216
Flange Types p 218-225 Flange Data (Class 900/Alloy) p 232
Weld Neck Flange p 218 Flange Data (Class 1500/Alloy) p 233
Slip-on Flange p 218 Flange Data (Class 2500/Alloy) p 234
Lap-joint (Van Stone) Flange p 219 Flange Gaskets p 235-254
Reducing Flange p 219 Metallic Ring Gaskets p 235,236
Socket Weld Flange p 220 Full Face & Flat Ring Gaskets p 237
Blind Flange p 220 Gasket Materials p 238,239
Spectacle Blind Flange p 220 Gasket Design Configurations p 240-242
Screwed/Orifice Flanges p 221 Flat Gaskets p 240
Flange Faces p 222-225 Reinforced & Multi-Ply Gaskets p 240
Raised Face p 222,223 Corrugated Metal Gaskets241  
Large Male & Female p 222,223 Spiral wound Gasket (Flexatallic) 241
Large Tongue & Groove p 223,224 Metal Jacket/Serrated Gasket 242
Flat Face p 223,224 Metal Ring Gasket 242
Ring/Lap Joint p 223,224 Cutting Gaskets 243,244
Small Tongue & Groove p 224,225 Bolt Hole Layout 245-249
Small Male & Female p 225 Angle or Degree Method 245-247
Small Male & Female Threaded End p 225 Chord Chart Method 247-249
ASME/ANSI Flanges/Flange Markings p 226,227 Flange Bolting Specifications 250-253
Flange Data (Class 150/125) p 228 Bolting Cast Iron Flanges 52,253
Flange Data (Class 300/250) p 229 Bolt Size & Length 253,254
Flange Data (Class 400/Alloy) p 230 Wrench Size 254
Flange Data (Class 600/Alloy) p 231    
Offset Terms p 256 Tangent to Find Spread Length p 267
Offset Calculation Methods p 257 Equal Spread 90 Degree Turn p 268,269
Constant Multiplier Calculation p 257,258 Rolling Offsets p 269-271
Trigonometry Offset Calculation p 259 Rolling Offset Calculation p 270-271
Fitting Allowance p 259 Steel Square Calculation p 272
Calculating 45 Degree Offsets p 259-262 Trianqle Method Calculation p 272
Calculating Rise, Run, Travel p 261,262 Offsets Around Square Corners p 273
Equal Spread 2 Pipe Offsets p 262-269 Offsets Around Circular Objects p 274,275
Calculating Equal Spread Lengths p 263-266 Pipe Runs Around Tanks p 276-278
Right Angle Triangles p 280-284 Trigonometric Functions p 285
Pythagorean Formula p 280 Trigonometry Formulas p 286
Right Angle Triangle Functions p 282-284 Trigonometry Table p 287-292
Fabricated Fittings (Elbows) p 294-297 16 Division Two Piece Miter p 312,313
Establishing Centerlines on Pipe p 298,299 Tee Layout - Saddle In (Simplified) p 314-317
Pipe Wrap-Around p 300 Tee Layout- Saddle On (Simplified) p 318-324
Sectoring Pipe p 300,301 Lateral Layout (Simplified) p 324-328
Mitered Turns p 302-309 Orange Peel Cap p 328,329
2 Piece Miter p 302-306 True Wye Layout (Simplified) p 330-333
Cut Angle of Miter p 302 Template Layout p 333-345
Cut Back Distance p 302 Miter Turn Templates p 334,335
Factor of the Cut Angle p 303,304 45 Degree Lateral Template p 336-339
Multi Piece 90 Degree Miters p 307-309 Tee Template Development p 340-344
Ordinate Lines p 310 Wye Template Development p 344,345
Multiple Ordinate Lines p 311,312    
Lines on Prints p 347-360 Flow Diagram p 367,368
Line Description & Function p 347-349 P&ID (Piping & Instrumentation) p 369-371
Piping Line Symbols p 351,352 Orthographic Projection p 372,373
Section Line Symbols p 353 Dimensions Elevation & Coordinates p 373,374
Single or Double Line Drawings p 354 Pictorial Pipe Drawing p 374,375
Line Identification Numbers p 354,355 Isometric Pipe Drawing p 375-377
Standard Piping Symbols p 355-360 Isometric Dimensioning p 377-379
Piping Notes & Specifications p 361 Spool Drawings p 380-384
Piping Abbreviations p 362-364 Bill of Material p 380,384
Reading Scale Drawings p 365,366 Double Line Orthographic Spool p 381
Development of Pipe Drawings p 366 Single Line Orthographic Spool p 382,383
Schematic Diagram p 367  
Welding Safety p 386-389 Polarity Check p 404
Hazardous Environment Tips p 386 Welding Electrodes p 404-408
Safe Clothing p 386 Mild Steel Electrodes p 404-406
Welding Lenses p 387,388 Stainless Steel Electrodes p 407,408
Arc Flash p 388 Gas Tungsten Arc Welding p 408-411
Welding Ventilation p 389 GTAW (Tig) Machines p 409
Fire Prevention p 389 GTAW (Tig) Torches & Electrodes p 409,410
Oxy-Acetylene Safety p 390-393 GTAW (Tig) Procedures p 411
Oxygen & Cylinders p 390,391 Pipe or Tube Purging p 412
Acetylene & Cylinders p 391,392 Preheat For Welding p 412-414
Oxy-Acetylene Safe Set-Up p 393 Pipe Preparation & Alignment p 414-416
Lighting a Cutting Torch p 394 Joint Assembly Methods p 417,418
Shutting Down the Equipment p 394 Backing Rings p 417,418
Balancing a Welding Torch p 395 Joint Assembly Tacking p 419,420
Types of Flames p 396 Tee to Pipe Fit-Up p 420
Cutting Torch Tip Alignment p 396 Pipe Alignment With Two Squares p 421
Welding Symbols p 397-400 Pipe to 90 Degree Elbow p 421,422
Groove & Fillet Weld Positions p 401 90/45 Degree Elbow Fit-up p 422,423
Pipe Test Coupons p 402 Pipe to Flange Fit-up p 423,424
Pipe Coupon Root Pass Variables p 403 Small Diameter Pipe Jig p 424
Fiber Rope p 426-434 Turnbuckles p 447
Design (safety) Factors p 426 Eye Bolts p 448,449
Rope Working Load Limit p 427 Spreader Beams p 449
Bowline/Bowline on the Bight p 428 Sheaves, Snatch Blocks p 450-452
Self Centering Bowline p 429 Slings & Chokers p 453-467
Barrel Hitch/Reef Knot p 430 Sling WLL/Types p 453
Catspaw/Clove Hitch p 431 Basket Hitch p 454
Becket/Stop/Double Half Hitch p 432 Choker Hitches p 455
Pipe Hitch p 433 Synthetic Web Slings p 456-461
Knot, Bend , Hitch Strength Reduction p 434 Synthetic Roundslings p 460
Wire Rope p 434-443 Synthetic Twin Slings p 460,461
Regular Lay/Lang Lay p 435,436 Sling Lifting Angle p 462-464
Rotation Resistant p 435,436 Sling Leg Stress p 463,464
Strand Classifications p 436 Centering a Load p 465
Load Safety Terminology p 436 Edge Softeners p 465
Working Load Limit (WLL) p 437,438 Sling WLL Chart p 466,467
Wire Rope Ultimate Strength p 437,439 Mobile Crane Set-Up Summary p 468
Rule of Thumb Formulas p 437 Load Pick & Carry p 469,470
Winding Wire Rope on a Drum p 440,441 Powerline Clearances p 471
Wire Rope Clips (Number/Spacing) p 442,443 Powerline Limit of Approach p 472
Shackles p 444-446 After Powerline Contact p 473
Hooks p 446,447 Crane & Hoist Signals p 474-476
Appendices Index p 478 Pipe Hangers p 500-503
General Jobsite Safety p 479-488 Sheet Metal & Wire Gage p 504-509
Safety & Accident Prevention p 479-481 Metal Properties p 510,511
Safe Use of Ladders p 481,482 Twist Drills/Tap Drill Sizes p 512-518
Safe Use of Scaffolds p 482 Pipe Tap Sizes p 519
Trenching Safety p 483-485 Decimal Equivalents p 520,521
Confined Space Entry p 486,487 Math Formulas p 522
Dust & Fiber Hazards p 487,488 Unit Equivalent Tables p 523-527
Hazardous Piping Identification p 489 Pressure Terms p 528-530
Steam Trap Selection p 490-493 psi to kPa conversion p 531,532
Steam Trap Sizing/Condensate p 493-495 Pressure Head Conversion p 533,534
Temperature Conversion p 496-499    


thumbs.up2.png "I work in N. Gas industry. This piping book is great. It's small, and packed with info." - J Morren


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